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Hate Mail

2010-04-22 19:26:31 by DJCaution

Just so you know i been receiving alot of hate mail of some newground users urging me to leave newgrounds as professional DJ's shouldn't be on here, and they said they'll vote all my song's 0 everyday until i leave. Honestly? i don't care. i make a living of the money i make from my music whether they rate it 0 or 5 the real music is played live and it is only on here for you to sample for free. I love my fans, and i love my haters, because i know secretly, you love me too. =]

Hate Mail


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2010-04-22 19:49:58

Don't get me wrong, NG is awesome, but the community is full of trolls, spammers, think-they-know-it-alls, and people simply looking for negative attention. Don't let it stop you, because despite these people, there are always others who appreciate your hard work and like what you create.


2010-04-22 20:00:33

That's ridiculous. Tom Fulp is a professional game developer. Should he not be allowed to submit Flash games?


2010-04-22 20:18:12

Oh, PLEASE post them. Hatemail from retards is hilarious.


2010-05-18 10:30:19

Thts retarded :/ i think ur music is GREAT!!! there probably just jealous tht u make a living out of it :D