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Summer Update!

2010-06-28 06:52:37 by DJCaution

Well Summer is still going on, and that mean's i am still doing my Summer 2010 event's, currently done over 200 hours of hard trance and gabber mixes and still going, thanks to all those who came to the World Cup 2010 event and the lucky 100 who received the platinum limited edition theme mix.

Can't wait to be able get a mix from the Summer 2010 event on here.

Summer Update!


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2010-11-07 19:44:14

so when are you going to post it? =P


2010-11-12 12:47:14

D: Where are u D: its been about 3 months no D: still no new song D:


2010-12-17 13:27:55

Where R u? :(


2011-10-06 14:39:19

:( guessing u stopped with newgrounds now :(